Friends of White House Farm Primary School

All FRIENDS meetings, activities and events are on hold during the global pandemic

All parents and carers of children at White House Farm Primary School are members of the Friends. Friends meet on the first Friday of every month (during term time) at 9am at the school and we invite parents to join us whenever possible.

Friends of White House Farm will be a registered charity which organises social and fundraising events for the benefit of our pupils.

These events might include:

  • School Disco
  • Quiz night
  • Summer Fair
  • Bingo

Upcoming Events:

Details of events will be placed in the notice board outside Main Reception.

Funds raised by the Friends will be used to improve and enrich our school environment and to ensure there is additional access to extra-curricular opportunities for the children of White House Farm Primary School.

Committee Members: 
Chair – Emma Wale 
Vice Chair – Lindsay Lamb 
Secretary – Naomi Smart 
Treasurer – Sophie Smith 

To become involved in our Friends activities or volunteer to assist at an event, please email or attend one of our monthly meetings.

Meeting Notes:




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