Statement of the School's ethos and aims

Our vision:

To provide a world-class education locally, enabling every child to flourish

Our Aims:

All children are known, valued and supported to do their best. Our school is a welcoming and supportive environment for all children regardless of background, gender or ability.

Our curriculum challenges and stimulates our children, encourages them to be curious, investigate, ask questions, try new things to become independent, resourceful and resilient learners.  

We utilise proven strategies such as Phonics to develop reading skills; Maths Mastery to develop numeracy; and Talk for Writing to develop literacy skills. All these things combine to create an exciting, innovative curriculum that coupled with outstanding teaching leads to fabulous outcomes for our children.

Our Outdoor Learning programme enables our children to learn and develop within a natural space; led by a qualified practitioner with a focus on developing personal, social and emotional life skills through learner led, nature-based learning.

We use Philosophy for Children to promote emotional awareness and thinking skills. This programme calls on imagination and reasoning skills and puts these capacities to work exploring values, assumptions and vital concepts like justice, truth, knowledge and beauty.

Our Reception children have plenty of opportunity to learn through structured play and as they grow up and progress through the school, more discrete and structured learning opportunities will be offered, including Science, Physical Education, Modern Foreign Languages, Technology, Arts and Humanities.

High expectations underpin our work. School should be an enjoyable place for children to learn and our expectations are summed up by the motto ‘Work Hard, Be Kind.’ We promote a strong sense of community and ‘family’ in our schools along with personal responsibility for learning and behaviours. Everything we do is designed to help our children grow into confident, well rounded adults who will make a strong contribution to society.

We have the highest expectations of everyone in our school community.  Our teachers are on a continuous professional development journey supported by colleagues across the Trust and through our teaching school alliance.

We aim to work in partnership with parents.  We believe that listening to parents and pupils is a vital part of delivering a world class education.

We aim to have strong parental involvement in our school life whether that is listening to children read, serving on our Governing Body, helping us to organise community events or just by feeding back to us to help us provide the best possible education for children.

We aim to be outstanding at our first inspection.




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