Travel And Safe Parking To School

We are fortunate that the location of our school is in a lovely suburban area.  With increasing car useage we are also always aware of the challenges parents and children may face when coming to and from school.

To improve the safety, the Council has painted zig zag and double yellow lines in specific areas outside the school. There should be no stopping or parking in any of these areas. We ask that parents show the children good examples by obeying all the rules as we remind our parents that the school is located in a residential area.

We appreciate that it can be difficult to park near the school. However, we recommend parents and carers allow extra time to park away from the school and walk round with your child and this will be contributing to a safer environment for all. Walking can improve overall levels of fitness in children and adults . It is a cheap low impact way to exercise which can have a positive impact both mentally and physically. We realise that there are some parents who have no alternative but to drive their children to school, however many are driving short distances where walking is a real option.

We thank you for your good example and being an exemplary role model to the children and for your support as we work together to ensure our school area is a safe place for our children and residents.

Rule 243 of the Highway Code states that drivers must not park near a school entrance as this may obstruct visibility for parents and children trying to cross the road which is dangerous.

Zig Zag Parking image



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