Visions and Values


Our Vision:

To provide a world-class education locally, enabling every child to flourish

Our Mission:

At White House Farm Primary School, we believe that it is our obligation to ensure that all children at our school are given the opportunity to flourish – not only to be happy, but to fulfil their potential. At our school, we ensure that all children are known, valued, and supported to do their best in a welcoming and supportive environment, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, or ability.

Our curriculum challenges and stimulates our children, encourages them all to be curious and reflective learners, who ask questions and are determined to progress.  We promote a strong sense of community in our school and are welcoming and inclusive. Our children are taught to be respectful and value the importance of responsible citizenship.  Everything we do is designed to help our children be resilient in the face of adversity or challenge and to be courageous in taking risks, to try new things, to explore, and to grow.

School should be an exciting and challenging place for children to learn. Our high expectations are summed up by the motto ‘Work Hard, Be Kind’ and underpinned by our three school values: Be Respectful, Be Resilient, Be Reflective


Nourishing the Elements to Nurture Growth



Tree WHF






Our core values are clearly understood and shared by every member of the White House Farm Primary School team.  They define our restless ambition to grow and develop as a school community as well as our shared belief that all children can flourish and successfully contribute to society as successful learners and responsible citizens.


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