First Aid

How first aid is administered and notified.

If your child requires first aid while at school they will be treated in the classroom appropriately and the incident recorded fully. For all minor bumps and grazes, parents and carers will be notified of all first aid that has been administered at the end of the school day.  The adult collecting will be given a first aid slip outlining the details of the accident and the first aid administered. The school will notify parents and carers by a text or phonecall if their child bumps their head or is requires further treatment.

If your child has bumped their head they will be given a red wrist band so that all staff are aware to monitor them. 

Bumped Head

If your child has received a bump or knock to their head they will receive prompt attention, given the opportunity to sit down and take in some water. We are fully aware of the possible repercussions following bumps to the head and will continue to monitor your child throughout the day and you will be notified of any changes.  After leaving school we ask that you continue to watch your child carefully over the next 24 hours and look for signs of drowsiness, headaches or nausea and contact your doctor or 111 immediately if you have any concerns.

Following a thorough assessment, all head bumps will be notified by a text being sent to parents/carers.

In the event of a medical emergency we will contact 999 in the first instance.


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