Curriculum Overview

Our Vision:

To provide a world-class education locally, enabling every child to flourish

At White House Farm Primary School, we believe that it is our obligation to ensure that all children at our school are given the opportunity to flourish – not only to be happy, but to fulfil their potential. At our school, we ensure that all children are known, valued, and supported to do their best in a welcoming and supportive environment, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, or ability.

Our curriculum challenges and stimulates our children, encourages them all to be curious and reflective learners, who ask questions and are determined to progress.  We promote a strong sense of community in our school and are welcoming and inclusive. Our children are taught to be respectful and value the importance of responsible citizenship.  Everything we do is designed to help our children be resilient in the face of adversity or challenge and to be courageous in taking risks, to try new things, to explore, and to grow.

White House Farm's curriculum has been organised through a subject specific approach in which our teachers own subject knowledge is supported by high quality schemes of work and collaboration with subject experts to ensure that pupils at our school achieve strong outcomes.  Each subject is carefully planned to incorporate the key knowledge and understanding set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary National Curriculum whilst also reflecting the needs of our children as part of the local and wider community.

Where appropriate teacher make links between subjects,  use technology in both the teaching of the specific subjects and in the opportunities for children’s independent learning and link key texts to subjects to enhance opportunities for writing across the curriculum and a context through which Literacy can also be taught.

Please click on the links in the subjects menu to find out more about coverage and progresssion for each of the subjects taught at White House Farm Primary School.

For further information on White House Farm Primary School's curriculum offer, please contact Mrs L Cannell at:


Curriculum Policy 2023


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